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Super comfortable and great quality!

I wasn’t sure if I’d like these are not because I’m not normally a fan of earbuds, but decided to try them since they’re pretty popular now. Typically earbuds hurt my ears and hurt after wearing them for a little while, but not these! I was so impressed by the comfort of wearing them and the sound quality is fantastic. Pairing them to my phone was extremely easy! I highly recommend them!


Great sound – comfortable

My wife got a set of these and I tried them and loved them. They are easy to use, the sound is amazing, and they are comfortable in my ears. I love that I can answer my phone and get text notifications when I'm listening to music. They come in a sturdy case that plugs into a usb cord to charge. I would recommend them to anyone.

Great sound!

I recently purchased a few different earbuds to see which one's would work best for my running team. We needed something that would not fall out of our ears and still delivered quality sound. These earbuds does just that and I'm pretty impressed. I just couldn't didn't think they would really stay in my ear but they did and I absolutely love them!


I use these for the gym and when going for walks. They have a very good quality sound whether for music, podcasts or video. Extremely easy to pair and touch controls are very well designed. Very handy the headphones will automatically be turned on/off by removal of or placing in their case. The feature of the case also being a battery and charging the headphones really makes them more useful. The case is quite small and it's nice to be able to charge up the headphones without needing an outlet for several times.

Quality wireless earbuds

These are my first pair of wireless earbuds, and I was very excited to receive them in the mail. I do think the price is a bit steep, however, so far I am really enjoying them. The qualities seem very good, and they fit very comfortably in the ears. It is surprising what a different it makes when there are no wires dangling from earphones. I started using them a week ago, a few times per day, and so far I haven't need to recharge them. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend these earbuds.

First pair of Bluetooth earbuds and they rock!

It’s comfortable to wear. It was easy to pair up to my iPhone but it took a couple of tries. Now it connects automatically and that’s a good feature. It fits good in my ears. It has very good sound quality. It’s easy to accept calls and the call quality is good. The battery lasts long and charging is easy. It comes with a short charging cable but I prefer to use a longer one that I use for an Android phone. This will be good to use at the gym or whenever I need to be hands free and wire free.

Great little headphones!

These little headphones are great! They have little earbud attachments to match all types of ear canals. I have small ears and i was afraid that they would be too big and they would hurt , but they dont. They're so comfortable and they're great for noise cancelling. I even wore them while working out and they didn't fall out! The sound quality is also very nice. 5 stars in my book!

Great earbuds!!

Wow, these earbuds are very nice for the price! They came charged, which was great, so I could use them right away!They block noise like crazy! They fit in my ear perfect! My neighbor was mowing right beside me, and I could only hear my music!!Needless to say, these buds work solid. and I would definitely buy another pair! They last a solid couple hours, and that’s pretty good for earbuds!They sit snugly into the case, and charge quickly!If you are looking for a decent set of ear buds that have great sound quality, and have a decently long battery, these earbuds are for you!

Comfortable and easy to use!

These are my first pair of wireless earbuds, and I am very pleased with this product. Firstly, they came in a nice case (that also acts as a charging station). They paired easily with my iPhone, and there are also special features if you tap the outside of the earbud when paired. For instance, I can turn the volume up by just tapping each earbud. There is also an automated voice that tells you when the earbuds are connected. They fit nicely in my ears and are very comfortable. Overall, I am very excited to use these new earbuds (and never have to mess with tangled cords from headphones again!)

Super comfy, great sound

These buds are VERY comfortable and stay in place pretty good. I usually use them while working out have NO problem with them falling out. The charging case is REALLY convenient and I like how small it is! The sound is clear. There is a good seal between the ear and most ambient noise, but you still can hear important things. Just glad to finally have comfy, running earbuds that give me satisfying sound. I highly recommend these, especially for the price.

Good Quality – Very Satisfied

This is my first set of wireless earbuds. Took a little getting used to, but I like how convenient they are. No untangling, easy to put in my purse. Sounds is good and the battery is long lasting. Good quality, good sound. As I become more adept at using them, these are my first choice when I listen to music or use for my phone. The noise cancelling has been very helpful, especially when I am wear them in the office.

So Far…

So far I love these Wireless Earbuds by ZURURU. I've been searching for an amazing pair of earbuds for about five months now. But I did not want to spend over $100 bucks. These earbuds have to be hands down the best I've tried so far. The connect flawlessly to my android phone (S10). I've also tried them with my partner's iPhone and they worked just as well. The battery life on these has so far been very impressive. The sound, in my opinion, holds it's own when up against other brands. I can't hear others when I have the volume about half way. The buds are physically smaller than I anticipated them to be, which is something that caught my eye right out of the box and I fell in love with that.

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